Why hire us

Your Wedding is Important To Us

We realise how much time, effort, and planning goes into a wedding, and how stressful it can be both to organise and on your wedding day. We want to make that easier by helping you plan your day, and generally being friendly, responsive professionals. Tim’s philosophy for Wild Photography is “to do everything for his customers that he would want done for his wedding” – this includes basics like replying to emails and phone calls quickly, being open to any ideas, suggestions or requests you have, supplying images quickly after your wedding (often within two weeks), and generally helping make your day special, stress free, and memorable.


We Make Great Images

We don’t have to tell you we take great photos, if you’ve looked around the website you can see that for yourself. We create bold, colorful images, a mix of formal, informal, and candid, and we want people to have fun having their wedding photos taken. We often use light and compact portable studio lighting equipment to help us create images that most photographers can’t, sometimes figuratively “turning on the sun”. This is something that few photographers in New Zealand have the knowledge and equipment to do, it’s a real point of difference for us, read more about it here. We often use available light as well, everything is tailored to the couple and the conditions.


We Make People Smile

Look around the website, most of the people in our photos are happy and smiling. Why is that, you ask? We crack jokes, we tell stories, we do whatever it takes to make people happy and comfortable to have us take their photo! We try to spend some time with the bride and groom before the wedding day, because the better we know each other the happier, more confident, and more comfortable you’ll be with us, which helps us make great images for you.



We’ve been photographing weddings for more than ten years, over 130 weddings, we’ve seen and heard it all. We know how to help you plan your wedding day so it runs perfectly, and we have the experience to help if things don’t go quite as planned. We’ve seen brides or grooms running late, suits that don’t fit, none of the guys knowing how to tie a tie, cars that won’t start, people getting lost, wet and windy days or weather bombs, scorching hot days, and more. We take it all in our stride and do our best to help in any way in the rare occasion that things go wrong, all while making fantastic images.


We Help Make Your Wedding Day A Success

After being part of so many weddings we know how to plan a wedding day. We sit down with (or Skype) every bride and groom who would like advice on how long things take, what do to for family photos, the best locations for photos, how to plan for wet weather, the best way to help arrange your reception, and we can even recommend DJs, celebrants, and caterers. Doing this helps your day run more smoothly, allows you relax and have fun, and with you happy and relaxed it’s even easier for us to take great photos of you and your day.



Professionalism underlies everything we do. We have fun on wedding days and crack a few jokes to help people relax, we chat with people, but we don’t let anything get in the way of creating great images. We’re not just photographers, we’re professional photographers.