Weddings without guests cameras? Unplugged weddings

I read an interesting article today about something my partner and I were discussing recently: couples asking guests to put down their cameras and phones and to just enjoy the wedding day. It’s nicer for the couple as they see their friends and family, with their smiles and tears, rather than being faced with twenty cameras all with flashes going off during important moments of their wedding day. This is especially true during the ceremony, cake cutting, and first dance. I have many, many photos of happy couples surrounded by a veritable wall of cameras.

Guests with cameras are also distracting to the professional and to the subjects in the photos. I often have relatives standing beside me trying to take photos of groups after the ceremony, what you find is some people in the group look at me, some look at the relative, and neither of us gets a good photo. Because of that I won’t take a photo at the same time as anyone else any more. Also, I don’t care how many megapixels your camera is, or how many times the zoom is, my photo’s going to be better than yours, i’m a professional and I know what i’m doing!

What does everything think? Would you ask your family and friends to put their cameras away for important parts of the wedding day? I would!

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