Kellie & Paul ~ Zealandia Wedding Photos

This is going to be by far my biggest blog post ever, there are just too many great photos from Kellie & Paul’s wedding to not share! I’ve had to cut so many great photos out to try and keep the size down, but I still have about double the normal number of images I share on my blog!

Kellie and Paul were married at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary this past Saturday, with their reception at the Boat Shed on the Wellington Waterfront. It was a windy day as you’ll see in the photos, but the rain held off until Sunday and we had lots of time to take great photos! Their 4 month old daughter Olivia was a lovely wee thing, with barely a peep out of her for the whole day.

Without further ado here’s some of the photos that have caught my eye so far.

One of the more abstract photos of Paul getting ready at his parents home.

Paul’s Mum helping out, with Dad looking on.

Paul with his groomsmen.

Kellie getting the final touches on her makeup.

Kellie with their daughter Olivia.

Kellie inspecting her makeup!

Sarah having her makeup finished. I love the colors in this photo!

A little help with the dress.

Kellie and her Dad.

Click below to see more great photos!

The ceremony, at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wellington deserved to be called the “windy city” today!

Kellie looked fantastic, and what a dress!

The head table at The Boat Shed.

I loved the simple, stylish cake.

The first dance.

Shaun Preston, a fantastic singer, songwriter, pianist and entertainer provided the entertainment at the reception. Shaun is one of the best singers i’ve ever seen live, including big name acts from overseas, and he provided a fantastic atmosphere at the wedding.

Paul, Olivia, and Kelly.

Well that’s all for now! These are just the photos that caught my eye as I was going through quickly, there are more great images that Kellie and Paul will see later this week 🙂

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