For Photographers

printable dvd templates for canon printers

The following templates work well for printing directly onto printable DVDs with Canon printers. This template was tweaked for my Canon MP-960, but the template worked with my ip5000 (the consumer level one), and should work for other Canon printers.
Instructions for use:

  • Open an image to put on the DVD, size it to about 1550 pixels wide (only if you want a full DVD image)
  • Open a COPY of the DVD template, hit paste. Use the move tool to move the image around.
  • If you want text create a new layer and put it on.
  • Hit print, page setup, choose printable disk as the media, paper source is disk tray, color printing. In page setup choose paper size “CD-R Tray”, hit ok. Make sure “center image” is ticked. My scale is at 100%

NB: THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY. Things may need to be tweaked, and you might use up a couple of disks testing it. There’s no warranty or guarantee. Use these at your own risk.

Download the templates here.

jewelboxing templates for canon printers

The following archive contains templates for the JewelBoxing templates, customised for a Canon Pixma MP960 printer. I suspect they’ll work with other Canon printers as well. The original templates don’t line up with the perforations in the supplied paper, these correct that problem and provide additional instructions.

Download the templates here.

Epson/Generic CD or DVD Layout

I use this template to create DVDs in my Epson printer, but it should work for any printer with a CD label writing program. You can save the template with your own logo so you don’t have to copy and paste it in each time. To use the template just resize an image to 1417px on each side using the crop tool, flatten if it has multiple layers, copy and paste onto the background layer of the template. Save it as a jpeg then write it to a DVD using Epson CD Print.

Download Epson and Generic CD/DVD template here.