A lovely note from Christina

I recently received an email from Christina and Brendan, who are back in the US after their wedding in Wellington. I always love to get feedback from customers, thanks for the lovely note. I’ve edited this slightly for brevity.

I wanted to thank you and let you know that the photos arrived safely, and that we’re extremely pleased with them. We’d been pretty busy so it was nice to relive the emotion of the wedding day and look at them all. We noticed so many more little details with the larger-sized shots, as well. We’re really so so pleased with them, and lots of friends and family have been simply raving about how good you are and how good the photos look!

The ones that everyone loves particularly are: the black and white one of the bridesmaids with my veil;

Bridesmaids with veil

A photo of us saying our vows – I’ve had this on my social networking site and people just love it to pieces – for those who weren’t there, it sums up what they imagine of the day;


and of course our favourite at the lookout.


Also there are a few of the group photos which I think are particularly good. I also like the more casual ones of my two youngest sisters posing, and the ‘wigga’ poses! The one of Brendan and Blaise next to the brick wall turned out very well as well.

Brendan’s also pleased that you got one of me nearly crying during the vows, and he just came over now in the middle of his 5am conference call to look for it in the photos.

Thank you so much once again for making the day so easy and stress-less for us – we had a fantastic time and the photos are simply beyond what I thought ever possible. And I really do appreciate that you let us have fun and be ourselves as well.

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