Tongariro Crossing 2012

On Friday my partner and I did the Tongario crossing for the first time. We had great clear weather though it got very cold at times, almost unlimited visibility, and being a Friday the crowds weren’t too bad. We had a great walk, but we were definitely a bit sore the next day!

The Red Crater


Click “read more” to see some photos and more thoughts about the crossing.


Here are a few of our photos, all taken with a borrowed Canon G11 – no way was I carrying one of my big heavy cameras up a mountain!

The view from the start of the trekThe view from the top of the first inclineThe red craterThe emerald lakesWhere we had lunch by the lakesA view of Mt NgauruhoePart way down the other side, it looked cool being at the same level as the clouds!The view from near the end of the crossing

The guides we read to the crossing were incredibly helpful. The key things include being prepared for biting cold, wet weather, and wind even in the middle of summer, and taking enough food, snacks, and 2-3L of drinks per person.

We’ll definitely do it again, probably when the weather’s a bit warmer though!

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